Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I finally ventured out

The Triumph is still in deepest Wales having it's internals fiddled with. I've been locked-up in Diente towers in a fit of depression for months. Finally decided to get out - went to the London Bike show. Some retail therapy helped cheer me up; bought a ridiculously-expensive Belstaff jacket and a new pair of boots, oogled the rear ends of bikes and ladies (as you can see from the photos below). I also met a man while I was buying a book "Tortillas to Totems" by Sam Manicom - the man turned out to be Sam Manicom, which suprised me no end. What a nice chap; we had a chat and he signed my copy of his book. I had to confess that I'd been to a lot of the same places as him in North and South America, but by Jeep, which made me sound like a real wuss. I also tried-out my new camera Sony NEX-5N (prompted by Bobskoot buying that same model) but as you can see it made no difference whatsoever to the quality of the photos - guess I'm just a rubbish photographer.


This was comfy, but man its ugly!

Shapely rear end

Nice to be back.