Thursday, 29 November 2012


On my way home from the hospital I called in at the Heritage museum in Gayden, just off the M40. Lots of beautifully preserved old British cars, and a number of unusual prototypes and display items.

Very handy for slippery driveways once winter is here

Not sure what this does, but I'd love one in the garage

They say the best MGB is one cut in half

Me and the kid out for a Sunday morning ride
Had a good visit to the hospital; the cancer seems to be secondary & slow growing so I'll rely on my alternative therapy and a watchful eye from the hospital - I'll try not to mention the problem again here and concentrate on motorbike stuff.


  1. EL D:

    Quote: "I'll try not to mention the problem again here and . . ."

    don't worry about us, and keep mentioning if it makes you feel better. We are here to give you moral support from a great distance.

    If I wasn't well, I'd want the whole world to know so they could give me well wishes. Glad to see you on the mend. Enjoy life while you are able.

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  2. Thanks Bobskoot - by the way, loving the photos of you and the BMW, such a lovely bike. I can't believe you're still able to ride, our weather's cold wet grey and downright miserable - or is that just my mood!

  3. Looks like some cool things in the heritage museum, but your son's bike looks like more fun.

    Glad the cancer is secondary. Hope it stays that way. Keep us posted.

    1. Trobairitz - thats his Aprilia Tuono R; its fitted with a quickshifter and a power commander - dyno tested 145bhp at the rear wheel. Its mental. Unfortunately my long legs don't fit under the cutouts in the tank, so the only time I rode it I had to take my foot of the pegs to brake or change gear. Frightened the crap out of me. Needless to say, I have trouble keeping up on the Triumph!

  4. Typical dodgy panel fit on that MGB!