Saturday, 13 July 2019

Back in the land of the Haggis

My old mate Steve phoned and asked how I was, I started to give him a sob story about being stuck at home, recovering from my operation. "Don't be a wimp" he said, "I've got a nice little job for you, easy work sitting in the office, a couple of months work".

And so I found myself once again in bonny Scotland. I decided that as I was once again in the land of the haggis and lovely empty roads, I would get the Tiger brought up here so I could use it at weekends to re-visit some of the sights Scotland has to offer. 

For my first ride out I planned a nice little route, out of Aberdeen on the south Deeside road to Banchory then across country to the motor museum at Alford, then circle back to Aberdeen. At 130 miles it would be my longest trip this year on the bike; luckily there would be plenty of places to stop if it all got a bit uncomfortable "down there".

In the event, I managed it all the way to Alford without a stop, had a nice snack in the on-site cafe, and spent a pleasant couple of hours strolling around the museum and its grounds. A quick-ish blast back to Aberdeen and that was a great day to spend my day off. Here's a few random photos I took while there. I'm looking forward to next weekend, maybe a ride up to Braemar. Cheers!

At rhe Museum

Entrance with nicely presented scooters

Rare Triumph 350 Bandit - never made production

And old cars

Even stranger bike & sidecar

Small RV (!!)

Gypsy caravan